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Cateleen N. Wells is a Fincastle Media Group resident intern and content creator. She has obtained her bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Communications and aims to pursue a career in Public Relations and International Communication. Cateleen drive for success and exposer is what led her willing and dynamic spirit to Fincastle Media Group. As a college student, Ms. Wells worked closely with Saint Leo Universities Brand Marketing & Communications team as a junior content lead. Cateleen’s radiance is demonstrated her personality, and joy for life influences her work. Marketing and Communications has always been her passion. Fincastle Media Group has enhanced her skills and regenerated her passion for all things media related. Here she is growing, glowing, and evolving into the young professional that she desires to be. Cateleen believes that “creativity is a mindset, that evokes a feeling” and here at Fincastle she plans to create content that inspires people to dream more.

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