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Austin Grant

Austin Grant is a Multimedia artist from Nassau, the Bahamas with 5+ years of specific expertise generating 3D work to promptly meet aesthetic standards and technical requirements of any pipeline.

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Austin (StraightFace).jpg

Emanuel Fertil

For nearly a decade, Emannuel Fertil has built his portfolio as a videographer and cinematographer; honing those skills in the fast-paced newsroom environment.  

Eman (SmilingFace).jpg
Eman (StraightFace).jpg

Kentario McKenzie

Kentario Mcknezie is a Production Associate at Fincastle Media Group. 

Kentario (SmilingFace).jpg
Kentario (StraightFace).jpg

Madio Munnings

With nearly a decade of experience in the industry. 

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Madio (StraightFace).jpg
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